Coupons to Improve Your Business

Studies that were conducted in recent years showed that 91 % of customers who redeemed their coupons while shopping with retailers were most likely to visit that brand again. What’s more 62% of customers also said that they wouldn’t mind sharing localized deals with friends and family. Also, 63% of customers stated that coupons add value to their shopping as compared to other forms of mobile marketing. Provision of coupons to your customers can have numerous benefits to your customers such as:

Generates traffic and attracts new customers

Studies show that there is a big improvement and effectiveness when you provide a discount of more than 20% on any item. People often prefer to buy products when there’s an ongoing sale, and discounts entice more people to come and buy from your store.

Reducing the advertising expenses for your business

The name of your company, address or any other important information should be displayed on the coupon. In doing this, you will encourage prospective clients to view your company as one that offers deals making them visit your website regularly to get other discounts.

Database of clients

During the acquisition stage of coupons, you can use it to acquire information on location, email address and phone number to develop a customer database who are intent on getting deals, discounts and coupons.

New customers for business

Using coupons as a marketing strategy is another way that you can acquire new clients in your business. Getting new clients means that you will have a boost in sales. When a new client visits your site, you have the opportunity of turning them into a repeat client. Offering coupons to your customers will be the first step in creating long-lasting relationships with them.

Move past products

Sometimes there is a bunch of products which won’t sell or work well. This could be brought by a number of reasons ranging from product visibility to pricing. By providing mobile coupons which are redeemable, you will be introducing the products to customers again without their knowledge.


Coupons are important for any business because they will help in driving business to your store. The primary goal is to create a coupon strategy which will help you know how discount marketing strategy will affect your business in the long run or if it will increase the sales of any individual customer.